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Congregational Church of North Stonington, UCC

Worship with us! Share at the Lord's Table
We Worship in-Person at 10 a.m.

Deacons meet after worship

Links to streaming service and church school
are at the BOTTOM of ths email. 

Church School is in person, 
Zoom begins after the Time for Children

Service streamed live on Facebook
Church Website is:   www.northstoningtonucc.com

In Worship This Sunday

The Lessons
Isaiah 58:1-12
Matthew 5:13-20

We've Got the Tools  - Let's Use Them!
Jesus continues his sermon with Isaiah's voice echoing God's instructions.  We are called Salt of the Earth and Light of the World.  Impressive titles we need to claim and be proud of because the world needs us. 

Serving in Worship:  Monica Eppinger, deacon at the door; Pat Danley, Monica Eppinger; lay reader, Amy Foster. 

Senior Choir and Youth Choir sing.      

We Pray For:     Stephanie & Doug Murray; Bev Wilson;  Grace (Teddy) Graber; Janet Allen; George Danley; Pat Danley; Mark Ball (Pat Danley’s son);   Karen Clarke; Elaine Falk Smith; Susan; Debbie Janda; Jeff Sullivan; Sharon Roode;  Mary Bliven; Judy Lumiere,  Alice Robbins; Dave McCord;  Kathi Thaxton; Melissa Thaxton (Jamie's wife) and Aggie Terrill.   Our prayers of sympathy are extended to Brian Boldt and his family upon the death of Brian's father, Richard, on January 26th. 

Sunday, 10 am Worship with Communion
              Deacons meet after worship
Thursday, 10 am:  Study Group. - The life of David
      5:00-5:30 pm:  Youth Choir  (ages 7 thru HS).                                                                              
      6:00-7:00 pmSenior Choir.
      7:15-8:30 pmHandbell Choir. 

Friday, 3:30 – 5:30: Kids Club.

MISSION FOCUS: Church World Service Hygiene Kits and UCC Fund for Retired Ministers (Christmas Fund) and PNC Fuel Fund. 

Links to current issues from the UCC faith perspective
click on button(s) below:

National Farm Worker Ministry
The National Farm Worker Ministry began working with the
Coalition of Immokalee Workers

in response to a request for support during their month-long
hunger strike in 1998.

Since that time, NFWM has been active in the
Fair Food Program's campaigns to bring giant fast food corporations, supermarkets and the tomato industry to act as responsible corporations throughout their supply chains.
Click below to learn of the good being done
and the many issues you can stand up for. 

This link will change regularly and include a variety of issues.
You can visit ucc.org any time and click on the News link for interesting articles and reflections. 

“So you are no longer a slave but a child, and if a child then also

an heir, through God.”                                                                                  – Galatians 4:7 (NRSV)

                I’ve observed that one of the most difficult impediments to wellness is in setting aside the bad things we think we “deserve.” If we think that we deserve to be mistreated or to mistreat. That we deserve to stay under the fist or boot of an abuser or to hold that fist or to stomp that boot.

                If we believe that our place is on the floor to be someone’s doormat or to walk across someone’s back? Then: right there on the floor is where we will stay. Or we will put—and try to keep—someone down.

                Getting up is so hard.  But I want you to know this: God doesn’t want anyone on that floor. God did not form you in the womb, breathe life into your lungs, walk you into life, bless you at every turn, grant you every good thing you’ve had and done for you to be on the floor or to put someone there.

                If you find yourself in the position of a doormat? Someone did that. But it wasn’t God.  You, Child of God, are heir to God’s promises. You are heir to heaven on earth!  There is no such thing as a Doormat Ministry.             - Kaji Douša


Global Ministries Prayers for Costa Rica:  We thank you for the country of Costa Rica, which has provided a home for our university and welcomed students from throughout Latin America and beyond. We give thanks for the strong environmental laws here. May government authorities take the necessary actions to protect biodiversity, and may other regional governments follow.
         We offer our special prayers for communities experiencing the impacts of climate change in ever-stronger hurricanes or ongoing drought. May their cries for climate justice be heard in those places where decisions are made, and may resources be made available to build communities able to adapt and thrive. These things we pray in the name of the Resurrected One as we hope for the renewal of God’s creation.  Amen.

All Hymns from the (NCH) New Century Hymnal © 1995 The Pilgrim Press, have been granted permission for this one-time use.      Permission to reprint, podcast, and / or stream the music in this service obtained from ONE LICENSE with license #735340-A. All rights reserved.  Permissions granted under CCLI License # 11212116


Our Ministers:  the Congregation
Susan G. Latourette, Pastor – 860-759-4231, pastorsuel@yahoo.com
Michael G.  Noonan, Director of Music
Kay Lautzenheiser, Christian Education Coordinator
Rosemary Kuemper, Church Secretary
Charlotte Melia, Sexton      
Office hours:  Monday –Thursday, 9 am - 1 pm
P.O. Box 66, North Stonington, CT  06359



Our mailing address is:                                         Website:  congregationalchurchofnorthstonington.org/
89 Main Street, P.O. Box 66  
North Stonington CT  06359

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