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Congregational Church of North Stonington, UCC
Sunday Worship at 10 a.m.   -
2nd Sunday after Epiphany
January 16, 2022
Church School  via Zoom
begins at
10:15 a.m. 

Masks Required for all attendees, please
Church Website is:   www.northstoningtonucc.com

Service will be streamed live on Facebook and Security Cam (better sound)
at 10 am Sunday

Virtual Church School  Zoom in at 10:15 Sunday
click below to log into zoom...
Meeting ID: 831 3959 8806
Passcode: NiRtQ9hL

In Worship

"Listen to Your Mother"  Jesus was among the wedding guests when the wine ran out.  Listening to his mother's advice, he performed his first public miracle. 
Our Lessons are   Isaiah 62:1-5  and  John 2:1-11

Serving in worship:  Amy Foster, deacon; Matthew Sander and Pat Turner, ushers. 

the work of the church: 

Sunday:  10 a.m. Worship In Hewitt Hall
23rd Habitat Sunday
after worship: Church Annual Meeting via Zoom and in-person. 


Notice is hereby given to the members of the
Congregational Church of North Stonington
of the annual meeting to be held on Sunday, January 23rd,
2022 following church services. It will be a hybrid meeting (in-person and via Zoom).
The purpose of the meeting will be to:
1. Act upon the reports of officers and committees of
    the church;
2. Hear and act upon the report of the budget committee;
3. Hear and act upon the report of the nominating
4. Transact any other business proper to come before
     said meeting.

We Pray For:   healing from the continued effects of  CoVID-19; the grieving; those serving overseas; all battling cancer; all struggling with financial crisis; those working to bear the burdens of others, and the healing of:  Stephanie Murray; Larry; Grace (Teddy) Graber; Seya Bishop, Janet Allen; Deb Janda; George and Arline McCullen; George Danley; Mark Ball (Pat Danley’s son);  Mobby Larson’s brother, Steve Brown; Mike Laing; David Roode;  Karen Clarke; the Bliven family; Elaine Falk Smith; Christy Wohlleber; Aggie & John Terril; Susan; Don Ouellette; Quinn; William Jones (Julie’s brother); Mike Turano; Jason Wagner; the Melia Family; and Doreen Hess (Mike Noonan’s sister receiving Hospice care); and Katherine Nelson, with covid.  


Norwich — With prayers said, tears shed, volunteers thanked, gifts presented and accomplishments applauded, 4-year-old Sinead Rojas cut the ribbon across the front porch and helped her mother turn the key to open the door of his family’s new home.  Habitat for Humanity of Eastern Connecticut celebrated two home dedications on January 10th on Sylvester Street in Norwich.  They are the 97th and 98th houses HfHECT has build our service area. 
The Congregational Church of North Stonington is a Covenant Partner with our Habitat Affiliate. 
Click on the Blue Button above to read the article from The Day. 

“My little children, keep away from idols.”              - 1 John 5:21 (VOICE)
                I could have been the Season 3 winner of the mega-hit television series, American Idol.  Well, no, that’s not true. I didn’t even audition. I chickened out.  I suspect that, like so many others, I was drawn to American Idol because of its grandiose claim: win here and be elevated from “undiscovered” to your rightful throne! Idol seemed like an express train to a rare kind of fame…
                But like the biblical golden calf, the American Idol is a work of precise construction. It turns out that some of the show’s finalists, in fact, were already recording artists (Google “ringers of season 7”), some winners are bought not born (Google “textgate”), and even voted-off cream rises to the top (Google “Jennifer Hudson”).
                Idols may be shiny and even talented, but they are always hoisted by our fantasies and demolished by our spite. Idols skew our perception of everything, including ourselves. Worse, idols entice us into worshiping what looks good instead of what is good. The writer of 1 John ends the book by repeating this evergreen warning: beware idols who worship love but don’t live love.
Prayer:  God, you are the prototype. You are the real deal – your shine never fades and your dynamic love never hardens. Help us resist the forgeries of life. Mold us to take the shape of you.        - Rev. Naomi Washington-Leapheart
Global Ministries Prayers for the Philippines 
Root us O, Lord,
Root us in your glory and mission
Let us find all that we need in the liberating and hopeful spirit of Jesus Christ.
Root us.
Roots that extend in acts of justice for our communities and fight for human rights in all situations.
You are our one true vine O Creator.

Worship Notes

All Hymns from the (NCH) New Century Hymnal © 1995 The Pilgrim Press, have been granted permission for this one-time use.      
Permission to reprint, podcast, and / or stream the music in this service obtained from ONE LICENSE with license #735340-A. All rights reserved.  Permissions granted under CCLI License # 11212116 

Our Ministers:  the Congregation
Susan G. Latourette, Pastor – 860-759-4231, pastorsuel@yahoo.com
Michael G.  Noonan, Director of Music
Kay Lautzenheiser, Christian Education Coordinator
Rosemary Kuemper, Church Secretary
Charlotte Melia, Sexton      
Office hours:  Monday –Thursday, 9 am - 1 pm
860-535-0379       nostoucc@comcast.net

Our mailing address is:                                         Website:  www.northstoningtonucc.com
89 Main Street, P.O. Box 66  
North Stonington CT  06359

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