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We Have an Invitation from our brothers and sisters at the
United Church of Stonington
67 Main Street
Stonington Borough

Saturday, November 10th
5:30 to 7:00

For more information, please call the church at 860-367-1324.
$15 (per adult) gets you a spoon, a bowl,
bread, a drink, all the soup you can handle, and a dessert.

"What Shall I Bring?" 

The answer is lived out in this week's scriptures
by the widow of Zarapeth (I Kings 17)
and in Jesus' story of the Widow's gift of two coins. 
Bring your heart - and the rest will follow. 

With Children: Children join in worship and then attend church school; returning to share in the Sacrament of Communion. 

The Word:   1 Kings 17:8-24  and Mark 12:38-44.  This week we meet two widows, one from Zerapeth, and the other who gives only two coins. 

Our Message:  "Could You Do It?"
Though the texts this week all involve women, the message is really asking us where our heart is, and how that is proven by what we do in life.  Some people say one thing and do the opposite...God sees through it all! 

In Music
Prelude:   “A Patriotic Prelude” - Callahan
  Don Sherman, trumpet    
Senior Choir:   “Love Divine, All Loves Excelling” - Edwards 
Offertory: “Eternal Father, Strong to Save” – Dykes, arr. Martin
 Postlude:   “My Country, “Tis of Thee” – arr. Hughes
Our Hymns:  
Like the Murmur of the Dove's Song; God Whose Giving Knows No Ending; and Eternal Father, Strong to Save.

Serving in Worship:    Lois Turrell, Joe Serwinski, deacons; Lois Turrell, Arthur Dobley, Paul Ames, Sara Loutrel, ushers; Brian Hager, lay reader; Pastor Sue, time for children.

Fellowship of Concern  Please keep in your prayers: those serving overseas; all battling cancer; all struggling with financial crisis; for all working to bear the burdens of others.  For the healing of Shirley Millar; Rachel Remsbecker; Sharon Coates; Bill Nugent & Bill LaBrosse (friends of Sharon Coates); Jim Hoffman; Bob Janda and his family; Anita and Charlie Ames; Jasmin and her baby; Kristin (friend of Melissa Rockwell); Grace (Teddy) Graber; Larry Coutier (Sharon Roode’s brother); Thurlow Coats; Brian Boldt; Seya Bishop; Earl Bond; Janet Allen (Liz Witter's sister); and Harriet.  Our prayers of sympathy and concern are extended to Marj Misovich and her family upon the death of her husband, Steve; and to Mobby Larson and her family upon the death of her father Whitney Brown. 

Today:  Veterans Day.  Coffee Hour Sunday (please note change in date).
Monday, 7 pm: Church Council.
Tuesday, 7 pm:  Senior Choir.
Thursday, 10 am: Study Group.
      5:45 pm: Youth Choir.
      7 pm: Bell Choir.
Saturday:  NO Dinner.
Next Sunday, 11:30 – 1:30:  Thankful Dinner.
COMING EVENTS                                
November 20th, 6 pm:  Choir warm up for service.
7 pm:  Ecumenical Service at First Baptist Church.
 20th & 21st:  Pie Festival.
 22th:  Thanksgiving.  NO Choirs. Building closed.
  26th:  Senior PF does Project WARM dinner

Jammie Grammie
Collection Now thru November 25th
All children’s sizes on new pajamas.
First Baptist Church will collect our box
On Nov. 26th at 6 pm,
you are invited to help with sorting, labeling and packaging.

Thursday Morning Study:  10 am, Hewitt Hall
Beginning a New Study: 

As recently as 50 years ago, increases in social opportunity, education, and tolerance led many to predict that violent religious actions would soon be relegated to the past. Not only did such predictions fail to become realities, religious violence has actually increased rather dramatically since the 1970s. Terrorist actions dominate our thinking, but religious violence also extends to legal or social coercion, defamation or misrepresentation, and practices of self-harm.

This course explores some of the factors involved in these developments by looking to the history of religious violence, its multiple manifestations, its scriptural justifications, and how its perpetrators perceive the world. Only by understanding the roots, causes, and circumstances of religious violence can we grapple with it intellectually and practically.

Join us! 
Or let the office know if you'd like to do a study  on Sunday mornings at 8:30 am.

Our mailing address is:                                         Website:  www.northstoningtonucc.com
89 Main Street, P.O. Box 66  
North Stonington CT  06359