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Second Sunday of Advent
Worship 10 a.m.
with Church School and Nursery Care


With Children: Our children witness the baptism of Cora Watrous and then are invited to attend church school.  

The Word:     Malachi 3:1-4 foretells a messenger who brings news of a savior.  Luke1:68-79 introduces us quietly to John the Baptist. 

Our Message:  "Good Influence"
Prophecies are coming true.  A messenger, a savior.  And who is that?  Luke leads off with seven "powers that be" - but it is none of those.  Instead who comes is the one who will influence generations. 

In Music
Prelude:   “Comfort, Comfort These my People” - arr. Burkhart
Senior Choir:   “Comfort, Comfort" - Hopson 
Offertory: “Comfort, Comfort O My my People" - arr. Callahan
Postlude:   "Come Thou Savior of the World"  - Vetter
Our Hymns:  Come O Long Expected Jesus; Come To Me You Weary; and Comfort, Comfort, O My People.

Serving in Worship:  
  Sara Loutrell, Lois Turrell, deacons; Lois Turrell, Arthur Dobley, Paul Ames, Sara Loutrel, ushers; David Larson, lay reader.  Children are invited to the baptism.

Fellowship of Concern  Please keep in your prayers: those serving overseas; all battling cancer; all struggling with financial crisis; for all working to bear the burdens of others.  For the healing of Shirley Millar; Rachel Remsbecker; Sharon Coates; Bill Nugent & Bill LaBrosse (friends of Sharon Coates); Jim Hoffman; Bob Janda and his family; Anita and Charlie Ames (Anita is in Portland Rehab Health Center after a fall); Jasmin and her baby; Kristin (friend of Melissa Rockwell); Grace (Teddy) Graber; Dee Dee Buck; Thurlow Coats; Brian Boldt, Seya Bishop, Harriet;  Earl Bond; Laraine Lalvmiere (Linda  and Larry Murphy’s cousin); Janet Allen (Liz Witter’s sister); and Marty Booker. 

Sunday after worship:  Cherub Choir practice.
Monday, 7 pm:  Council.
Tuesday:  NO Senior Choir.
Thursday, 10 am:  Study Group.
    5:45 pm: Youth Choir        7 pm:  Bell Choir.
Next Sunday after worship:  Cherub Choir practice.   Coffee Hour.
 December 18th , 6 pm:  Living Nativity with music by Youth and Senior Choirs.
­   20th and 27th:  NO Choirs.
   ­23rd, 9:50 am in Hewitt Hall:  Cherub Choir warm up. December 24th, 5 pm:  Family Candlelight Service of Lessons and Carols.
  9:30 pm:  Christmas Handbell and Choral music.
10 pm:  Candlelight Service.
 30th after worship:  Trustees meet.

Our mailing address is:                                         Website:  www.northstoningtonucc.com
89 Main Street, P.O. Box 66  
North Stonington CT  06359