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North Stonington Congregational Church

We are an Open and Affirming Church

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North Stonington Congregational Church

P.O. Box 66

89 Main Street

North Stonington, CT  06359


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Phone: 860-535-0379

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Caring & Sharing


You have a heart of Gold !

We know you care ---

And there are so many gifts to share!


Talents, Time & Treasures!


Stewardship should be Holy and Spirit Filled—Joyous!



“Follow The Way!”


“Let God’s Light Shine Thru YOU”


  God’s Light is always shining IN you—let it shine OUT!!


    There are so many reasons to care and share and give to God’s Glory.


           Giving to God’s Glory - Have you chosen the best way to shine?




        Thanks for your cheerful and bright stewardship!


Step out in Faith!

As Christian stewards we learn to give, to share, to serve, not just for the church, but as a way of growing our faith, personally….in all aspects of living.

Your need to grow in spirituality is a means of deepening your faith.

So be transformed in faith and love and let your heart be alive.

How do you open your mind and your heart and your soul? Praising God – worshiping God’s goodness with others – here and at home … you could do an online daily meditation.

Talk the Talk Learning – reading online or books of a spiritual nature OR how to do self improvement Journey to Learn the Truth Paying it Forward - supporting a cause –

Walk the Walk Giving – sharing offerings with the less fortunate Be Charitable Caring - doing something to show that you care. Love All Others Remember -

“I am the Way, and the truth and the life.” John 14:8

Those words of Jesus have always had deep spiritual meaning; be inspired. Stepping out in faith means following His Way