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Fellowship Activities


Fellowship is an important part of a Christian’s life.  We offer many opportunities to participate in the life of this church’s family.  Service on the various boards and committees offers one opportunity for fellowship.  Women's Fellowship is a very important part in our Daily Activities (see Calendar below). Other activities are listed below and in addition are; Annual Spring Work Day, Annual Summer Yard Sale, Vacation Bible School(Pandamania), Annual Choir Family Picnic, Monthly Church dinners (public), Ecumenical Services with St. Thomas More and First Baptist Churches, Monthly Coffee Hour following the third Sunday’s service and a weekly “coffee-a-la-easy” on each of the other Sundays.

When I think of Stewardship, I think of Love, Caring and Sharing, Random acts of kindness, and Paying it Forward. Our giving doesn't have to be much, but when we do give, either monetarily or of ourselves, we really feel good, don't we? And with our giving I truly believe we are paid back with many Blessings. Can you imagine, if one person gave to 2 people, and those 2 people each gave to 2 people and so on, how much of an impact could be made? Hence, paying it forward.

Look at Jesus, he was able to feed thousands with just a few loaves of bread. There are so many things happening in this world: people in need, churches struggling to stay afloat, injustice, atrocities and the list goes on. How many of us have looked around and asked God why don't you do something? But what we don't realize, he did--he created us. Many of us get caught up in life and it's easy to stand still and say it's alright somebody else will do something. The thing is it's not enough to do nothing. In a song by Matthew West he sings: "We are the salt of the earth, we are the city on the hill, But we are never going to change the world, By standing still".

So I will leave you with this thought, if not us then who? If not now then when? It's time for us to do something and find the Joy in Giving.
--Andi Nilson

Women’s fellowship

The annual Christmas Bazaar with crafts, wreaths, poinsettias, gourmet nuts and cookie sale, and even pictures with Santa!!


A special Luncheon put on in the early spring. To be Saturday May 18, 2019.  See you there!!

Donation: Adults & Teens $12 Seniors .$10

Child (4-12)$5


will be available at church on SUNDAYS

Please Reserve your seats – Thank you !



Hundreds of Pies are baked with tender Loving Care by our famous Pie Ladies.   Fruit pies made with fruit from local farms and church members. All proceeds from pie sales go to benefit the Church budget.

The Church Bazaar

The  Famous “Pie Ladies” of North Stonington

June Garden Tea Luncheon

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Strength The Church

On a Sunday in Pentecost– we will be receiving the Strengthen the Church special mission offering to the United Church of Christ.  This offereing builds the UCC’s future; funds new congregations and renews existing ones; supports programs for youth and young adults; nurtures current and future leaders; and aids the “God is still Speaking” ministry that spreads the message of inclusivity of the UCC.  Offerings will be directed to our church’s Conference as well as to local church ministries and the Still Speaking ministry at the national level.

Strengthen The Church





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