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North Stonington Congregational Church

P.O. Box 66

89 Main Street

North Stonington, CT 06359


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Phone: 860-535-0379

E-mail to:NoStoUCC@comcast.net

Welcome to:

North Stonington Congregational Church








We are an Open and Affirming Church


 Rev. Susan G. Latourette, Pastor 860-535-0379

 Mr. Michael G. Noonan, Director of Music / Organist

 Mrs. Kay Lautzenheiser, Christian Education Coordinator

 Mrs. Rosemary Kuemper, Church Secretary

  Mr. Robert Janda, Sexton

We worship God in Christ Jesus faithfully, engage in Bible study and prayerful contemplation, serve joyfully, and seek justice passionately, with the Holy Spirit as our guide.

We are an Open and Affirming Church: We respect the worth and dignity of all persons who come into our church family regardless of their race, age, gender, nationality, marital standing, economic status, mental or physical challenges, or sexual orientation. We promise to support one another in our personal struggles, to understand and accept differences in one another, and pray to strengthen our love and acceptance.


"Open and Affirming"

Congregational Church

of North Stonington


This Sunday
at the Congregational Church of North Stonington
10 am worship with Communion


Happy 4th of July Weekend! 
The Summer Edition of the Village Chimes Newsletter is
a part of this preview. 

With Children:  Children will  attend Church School and return to share in Communion with their families. 
The Word:  from the Hebrew text 2 Samuel 5:1-10  David is anointed king.  The gospel lesson is from  Mark 6:1-12.  Jesus sends out the 12 without so much as raincoat. 

Our Message: "Who Will Listen?"  Both David and Jesus faced skeptics and unbelievers.  They faced resistance, especially from those who knew them best.  David used his army to get his way; Jesus sent out the disciples AND moved on himself, knowing that it was God's plan, not his, that would be fulfilled.  It's a tale of trusting in God....

In Music: 
Prelude:  “America the Beautiful” – Ward, arr. Smith
Offertory:  “Amazing Grace” – arr. Hopson
Postlude:  Mine Eyes Have Seen the Glory”   - Traditional America Melody
Our Hymns:  “Lift Up Your Hearts!”; Unto the Hills; and My Eyes Have Seen the Glory. 

Serving in WorshipMonica Eppinger, Pat Turner, Steve Gadaree, David Thaxton, ushers; Cathy Burnside, Jim Lautzenheiser, deacons; Cathy Burnisde, Kathi Thaxton, Joe Serwinski, Matt Sander, serving commuinion; Kathi Thaxton, lay reader.                                      

Monday, 7 PM:  Church Council.
Friday & Saturday, 9 AM – 2 PM:  Pie Making.
July 13th, 7 PM:  Prayer Shawl Ministry.
         19th:  Coffee Hour Sunday
                12 Noon:  Choir picnic at the Gadarees’ home.
         27th:  Cemetery Committee does Project Warm dinner.

Fellowship of Concern­  Please keep in your prayers: those serving overseas; all battling cancer; all struggling with financial crisis; for all working to bear the burdens of others; Nancy Olimpo (Sue Pianka’s sister); Ruth Howard; Bob Kimball; Shawn Murphy; Vinnie, (Mary Wilska’s brother); Mary Robinson; George McCullen (cancer treatment); Wayne Sander; Harriet (Irene Donald’s sister); Shirley Millar. Prayers of sympathy for the Mahon family of Niantic, upon the passing of John.  John and Betty have been staunch supporters of our local Habitat for Humanity since its inception.

Worship Watch – SUMMER 2015
Congregational Church of  North Stonington 
Sunday Services 10:00 a.m.                      
Nursery Care and Church School
          Summer Services will have occasional guest musicians and special music
5th       - Who Will Listen?   Communion Sunday
2 Samuel 5:1-10 and Mark 6:1-12;   Children attend church school and return to share in communion. 
12th   - Measuring Up. Amos 7:1-15. 
19th   – Feet of Impossibility.  Mark 6:30-34, 47-56
Coffee Hour Sunday and Directory Photos!
26th   - Welcome to Rev. Mobby Larson who will preach. 
2nd               - Hymn Sing and lay-led service. 
9th     - I am the Bread of Heaven.  Communion Sunday. John 6:35, 41-51    Children attend church school and return to share in communion.  
16th   - Let Me Introduce You . . .  Proverbs 9:1-6; Ephesians 5:15-20.  Some of us know wisdom from a young age, some of us never meet her. 
23th   -  To Serve and Protect.  Joshua 24:1-2a, 14-18 and Ephesians 6:10-20
30th    -        A Different Sort of Religion.    James 1:17-27
“We worship God in Christ Jesus faithfully; engage in Bible study; and prayerful contemplation; serve joyfully; and seek justice passionately, with the Holy Spirit as our guide.”


The Chimes
July/August 2015 Edition

From the Pastor’s Desk:
Jesus suggested, “Let’s get away from the crowds for a while and rest.”  For so many people were coming and going that they scarcely had time to eat. 
Mark 6:31 TLB
          Do you find your life to be this way, so busy you forget to eat?  Life in the church can be the same.  Even in summer – with Vacation Bible School, another successful visit and clinic with Bike & Build cyclists, and youth Mission Trip – we are always “doing.”  Whoever said the church slows down in summer was partially right – yet our work continues in the community and beyond, even when folks are on vacation! 
          Vacations or days of rest are important.  I know I will need those “in between” days of rest from some of my travels this summer.  Days to simply lay low and enjoy.  The travel should be fun (pray no thunderstorms in the Midwest!) when I go to Wisconsin to officiate at my “sister” Nancy’s wedding in Madison.  I may even be doing part of the service in German, as many of her fiancé’s family speak German.  I return home to do another wedding for a former youth group member in Deep River.  The next day I plan to take the train to Manhattan to attend worship at L’Eglise Française du Saint Esprit, the church my ancestors helped establish in the early 18th century.  I guess I will have to brush up on my French, too!
          No matter how little or much we travel, no matter our work or daily routine, we always need rest, and rest in the Lord.  Like Jesus, maybe you’ll take a boat to get out on the water, or go off to a quiet place far away.  You can sit quietly in the morning, greeting the sun with prayer and a cup of your favorite morning brew.  Visit the beach, stop by a much-passed-by vista along your everyday route to work, or take 10 minutes before bed to reflect on the day, giving thanks for the presence of God in your life, who allows you to see blessings where you might have seen challenge. 
          Let’s take some time for rest and renewal, for we and the church will be the stronger for it.
Peace go with you, Sue


Inquirer’s Class – Sunday, August 30th
          Do you want to know more about the Congregational Church of North Stonington?  Our mission, fellowship and beliefs?  Are you interested in exploring what it means to be a church member?  Have you just been waiting for the right time to say, “Count me in?” 
          Come sit with Pastor Sue, some deacons and other church representatives who will share with you after worship on August 30th.  All questions are welcome! 
          We will be setting a date for New Members to join the church later in September.  Please contact the church office 860-535-0379 or email
pastorsuel@yahoo.com if you have any questions now or would like to attend.  We hope to see you then! 

Congratulations Graduates!!!
-Kathryn Noonan:  
Southern Connecticut State University, cum laude, Bachelor of Social Work degree (BSW)
-Kate Eppinger: 
University of Pittsburgh, Master’s degree in Social Work (MSW)
-Hannah Wunschel: 
Catawba College, Salisbury NC, B.S. Business
-Julie Cullers: 
Three Rivers, 2 Associate Business Degrees
-Hope Burnside: 
St. Bernard’s H.S., will attend Suffolk University
-Mason Rockwell: 
Three Rivers Middle College Magnet H.S.
-Lauren Rockwell: 
Promoted from Wheeler Middle School


Summer Office Hours
During the summer months, on Monday through Thursday, the entrance to the church will be the Pastor’s office door during office hours (9 AM – 1 PM).  All doors will be locked when neither Pastor Sue nor Rosemary is in the office.  If you need access to the church, please contact the office to arrange a time for the door to be unlocked.  Please note that the office is closed on Friday.
Pastor Sue will be on vacation July 22 - August 3 and August 17 - August 20.  Rosemary will be away starting July 13 and will return to the office on July 27.  Please be sure to have your information for July 19 and 26 bulletins to the office by July 6.
Did you remember that May was Membership Dues Month and that June was Building Fund Month?
You can catch up anytime, but sooner is better.
Gretchen Noonan can tell you if you are up to date on the amount you pledged.
Church School Chatter
We had quite a week a VBS!  Thanks to the wonderful CE  Committee, we were able to have super decorations by Ingrid Stock, artful crafts and science projects by Karen Dobley, games by Joe Serwinski and Arthur Dobley, and lots of great food from Kris Serwinski, Janetha Sander, and barbeque-er  Jim Lautzenheiser.  Thanks to our Youth for putting on biblical skits.  We had pool party at the home of the Stocks.  A great time was had by all.  Church school will meet throughout the summer; hope to see you there!


Stewardship Corner      

Step out in Faith!
    As Christian stewards we learn to give, to share, to serve, not just for the church, but as a way of growing our faith, personally….in all aspects of living. 
Your need to grow in spirituality is a means of deepening your faith.
So be transformed in faith and love and let your heart be alive.
How do you open your mind and your heart and your soul?
Praising God – worshiping God’s goodness with others – here and at home … you could do an online daily meditation.                     Talk the Talk
Learning – reading online or books of a spiritual  nature  OR  how to do self improvement
                              Journey to Learn the Truth
Paying it Forward - supporting a cause – Walk the Walk
Giving – sharing offerings with the less fortunate
                                       Be Charitable
Caring - doing something to show that you care.
                                    Love All Others
Remember - “I am the Way, and the truth and the life.”  John 14:8
Those words of Jesus have always had deep spiritual meaning; be inspired.
Stepping out in faith means following His Way


Thanks a Heap!
     Thanks to…
-All of our choirs for their weekly dedication and beautiful music throughout the choir season. Enjoy your well-deserved break.
 -All who are offering special music throughout the summer.
-The committee of the month – The VBS TEAM.  Kitchen workers include Kris Serwinski, Janetha Sander and Jim Lautzenheiser. Decorations and activities, Ingrid Stock; Joe Serwinski and adult Leaders:  Kay Lauzenheiser, Hope Burnside, Carrie Bossie, and Karen Dobley.  They include friends and families and provide excitement, activities, Bible Study, food and fellowship.
-All of the families participating in VBS.
-All who helped with the yard sale.
-The men and ladies who worked on work day … the ladies worked in the kitchen and the closet; thanks especially for cleaning the kitchen curtains and putting them up.
-Monica Eppinger, who now oversees the kitchen for order and cleanliness.
-Michael Noonan and our choirs for our excellent music all year long.
-Members of the new visitation group meeting with Pastor Sue.
-Rob Rockwell and helpers for the June Mission Breakfast.
-Pastor Sue for bringing the Bike and Build group to our church.
-All who helped with Bike and Build and/or donated food, and those who brought children and bikes to the bicycle clinic.
-Everyone who completed their Building Fund Pledge.
-All of the ladies who attended the Dine Out Nite.
-Everyone helping with Pies  – especially Mariann Robert for her shopping trips, and of course Jim Lautzenheiser and Ingrid Stock for selling pies at market on Sundays; and Janetha Sander, Sue Pianka and Kris Shabunia.
-All who have donated to PNC with food, daily living and baby items and money for the “Pickle Jar.”
-The Youth for many helpful activities – like painting another classroom.
-Everyone volunteering for Summer Music.
All those who donated to Tools for Hope, which is part of Church World Service.
-Patty Danley, Sue Stevens and Will Stevens for the June Coffee Hour.
-The Trustees for the June WARM meal.
-Brian Hager for taking photos for the directory.
-Everyone who had their photo made with Brian Hager for the Directory, or who has submitted a family picture.
-All who provide lawn care and garden work.
All who work tirelessly to glorify God in this place!


Our choirs have all earned a well-deserved break for the summer and that means it's time for our summer music program. Anyone who is interested in offering a gift of song during the summer months is encouraged to sign up for a Sunday. You do not have to be a choir member to participate.
 Singers and instrumentalists who wish to present a song during worship should sign up on the summer music calendar located in the choir room. Our summer music program will run from June 21 -September 6. Children, youth and adults are all encouraged to sign up. If anyone knows of a musical group who might wish to participate on a Sunday, please have them contact Mike.
Now that summer is here, it is time for all of our choirs to get together for our annual choir picnic. All choirs and their families are invited to the choir picnic at The Gadaree home on 15 Paint Mill Drive in Ledyard, on Sunday, July 19th.  It is a lovely setting and there is a beautiful pool for all to enjoy. We thank the Gadarees for offering their home for the picnic. The picnic will begin at approximately 12 noon.
Please let Mike or Gretchen know if you will bring a salad dish, dessert or chips. Mike and Gretchen will supply all of the meat and drinks.
Choir members should RSVP to Mike or Gretchen by July 16th so they can get a count.
So, get out the sun screen (we had great weather last year!) and come to the Gadarees’ for the annual choir picnic on July 19th.  Hope to see you there!












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Minutes of the ByLaws Revision Meeting March 22, 2015


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24MAY2015_Pentecost 21JUN2015 Baptism of Blake and Levi Melia and Family Terri O'Rourke from HabitatTerri Shared with us stories of her involment with Habitat. 2015 Handbell Festival UMASS AmherstSteve Gadaree and Brian Hager attended the Area 1 Handbell Festival at UMASS Amherst. May 31, 2015 Cody Sawyer Baptism with Family Church Easter Season Bicycle Clinic by Bike and BuildPaul Dodson, a Bike and Build rider, makes adjustments to a youth's bicycle during the Bicycle Clinic APR2015_Easter Julie EvansJulie"Cuts the Cake" at the Annual MAEC meeting where she was the receipent of the 2015 Neil & Pat Kluepfel Community Service Award. The steeple  before-afterThe After and Before of the Steeple's renovation by Valley Restorations July 2013 A Tiffany Window's Detail 2014 Thankful DinnerA select Group of Church members and Friends were treated to a Thanksgiving Treat. Organ Pipes adds to the Architecture srchoir Bicycle Clinic by Bike and BuildOur own Youth participate in the MAEC Choir Festival in Mystic Julie  EvansJulie gives her acceptance speech for the 2015 Neil & Pat Kluepfel Community Service Award. She was honored during the MAEC Annual Meeting held at the Mystic Congregational Church. Congrats Julie!! Our own Village Ringers Julie  EvansJulie gives her acceptance speech for the 2015 Neil & Pat Kluepfel Community Service Award. She was honored during the MAEC Annual Meeting held at the Mystic Congregational Church. Congrats Julie!! 2014 Confirmation classNSUCC Confirmation Class (Left to Right) Emma, Mack, Jessica and Abi. The Live Nativity is Alive with AnimalsPastor Sue Looks on from the NSUCC Church during their Live Nativity in front of Hewitt Hall Tuesday 17DEC2014. Mary and Joseph with Baby JesusThe NSUCC Church had their Live Nativity in front of Hewitt Hall Tuesday 17DEC2014. Mary and Joseph visited by Angels"Angels We Have Heard on High" was the Hymn Sang during the NSUCC Live Nativity in front of Hewitt Hall Tuesday 17DEC2014. The Wisemen come to the stableThe Wisemen (and Women) joined in at the Stable during the NSUCC Church Live Nativity in front of Hewitt Hall Tuesday 17DEC2014. The Kings Offer Gifts"We Three Kings OF Orient Are" was heard during the NSUCC Church Live Nativity in front of Hewitt Hall Tuesday 17DEC2014. Santa at 2014 Christmas BazaarAt this Year's Bazaar, we were blest with Santa posing for pictures and bearing a sweet gift!! 2014 Thankful DinnerAfter Church Service a Group of members and Friends gathered for a Thankful Dinner. The Shoreline Ringers w/MikeMike Noonan adds the Clip - Clop and Pete Larson does the Whip and Neighing to "Sleigh Ride" during the JAN2014 Concert Bike and Build TrailerWe hosted Bike & Build during their Coastal Drift Ride on Monday July 21st 2014. They did a Bicycle Clinic and stayed the night in the Church. Our own Pastor Sue Latourette MAEC Choir Festival 2014aThe MAEC Choir Festival took place in Mystic on 30MAR2014 at Union Baptist Church. The HELO Haiti Mission Angels"HELO Haiti SEP/OCT2012 Mission Team" Rear: Cheryl Remsbecker & Sue Barker; Middle: Ingrid Stock, Sara Kennedy, Elisabeth Kennedy,Shirley Anderson; Front: Kristin Casey and Janet Lewis 07SEP2014 Bell QuartetBev, Monica, Steve and Brian performed a Bell Quartet, with Mike on the Piano, during NSUCC's Summer Music Program. The Shoreline Ringers Jan2014 Concert at NSUCC 31AUG2014 Bob Janda Solo Our own Bob Janda sang a solo on August 31st during our summer music program. Bike and Build BikesThe Bicycles take a much needed rest. 29AUG2014_The Gadaree Hand bell DuetSteve and Daughter Jennifer play a handbell duet with Mike Noonan's piano accompaniment, during NSUCC's Summer Music Progam. Bicycle Clinic by Bike and BuildJack Eklund, a Bike and Build rider, makes adjustments to a youth's bicycle during the Bicycle Clinic 10AUG2014_Alice Robbins and Mike Noonan DuetDuring the Summer Music Program at NSUCC, Alice and Mike sing a duet. 20JUL2014_Jennifer Gadaree SoloOur own Jennifer Gadaree sang a solo, "The Lord is my Shephard" during summer music here in North Stonington. 03AUG2014_Carl Chudy, BassonistCarl Chudy from Mystic Congregational Church in Stonington played the Bassoon with Mike on Piano, during our Summer Music Program. 13JUL2014_Andy Wallace Handbell solosAndy Wallace, from Dunns Corners Comm Church Presbyterian, played two solos during our Sunday Morning Service for our Summer Music Program. 13JUL2014_Andy Wallace soloAndy Wallace, from Dunns Corners Comm Church Presbyterian, played two solos during our Sunday Morning Service for our Summer Music Program. Emma and Family Mac and Family Jessica and Family Abi and Family Memorial Sunday Planting flowers Memorial Sunday Planting flowers on the grave sites of North Stonington Church's Past Ministers Memorial Sunday planting flowersSteve Plants flowers on the Grave of Rev. Newell Bishop on Memorial Sunday, a Past Minister at North Stonington Congregational Church. 26APR2014 Church Ham Dinner 17APR2014 Tenebrae Service Thankful Dinner 24NOV2013 Hewitt Hall Church from Street SignA View of The Church from Main Street going North. steeple completed August 4, 2013 HELO Haiti SchoolThe Orphanage Children attend School with uniforms Shoreline Ringers w/MikeMike Plays organ with Bells during Concert JAN2014 Blessing of the Animals Sunday the 6th of October 2013 HELO Haiti School House The HELO Haiti Mission Angels Getting Braided at HELO in Haiti The HELO Haiti ChildrenThe Children of Haiti were taught embroidery The HELO Haiti ChildrenThe HELO Haiti Children played a clapping game Bell Festival 2013Our own Village Ringers along with Mystic Union Baptist members attended the 2013 Bell Festival at University of New Hampshire. Bell Festival 2013The Village Ringers along with Mystic Union Baptist members share the UNH Hockey rink with ~650 other Ringers at the 2013 Bell Festival. The Church's KitchenWhere the famous North Stonington Church Pies are created. One of the Many Church's Tiffany Windows The Church's Hewitt HallUsed for Monthly Dinners, meetings by several town's organizations and Coffee hour!! renovation_72213_pkValley Restoration, Professional Steeplejacks, began Restoration on the Church Monday July 22th 2013 Renovation work begins JULY 22, 2013_pkValley Restoration, Professional Steeplejacks, began Restoration on the Church Monday July 22th 2013 Renovation work begins JULY 22, 2013_pkValley Restoration, Professional Steeplejacks, began Restoration on the Church Monday July 22th 2013 The First Sign of RestorationValley Restoration, Professional Steeplejacks, began Rigging for Restoration on the Church Tuesday July 16th. Work to begin on July 22nd 2013 Steeplejacks arrive on the sceneValley Restoration, Professional Steeplejacks, began Restoration on the Church Monday July 22th 2013 Steeplejacks by David Thaxton / slFront and sides of Church is prepared.2013 steeplejacks_slSteeple Jacks climb the Steeple at NSUCC in July 2013 turkey vulture The RiggingThe Rigging lines are intricately tied just below the Dedicated Weathervane to the memory of Ed Fronzek. The Turkey Vulture looks on. Work continues 04AUG2013 Church's Back is scraped for painting; soon to match Hewitt Hall. Work continues 04AUG2013Front of Church is prepared. Work continues 04AUG2013 Terri shared with us stories and her invloment with Habitat.
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