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International Disaster Relief  (click here to donate) or visit http://ucc.org/disaster/

Earthquakes, drought, cyclones, civil conflict and other disasters occur around the world almost daily. Most of these events go unreported in our media. Gifts to the International Disaster Fund enable the UCC to respond more fully to worldwide crises. Other situations in our world also require our attention and support such as violence against women and girls. With your help, the United Church of Christ stands with those in need in such situations. Your undesignated gifts allow the church to respond where most needed, or you may support a specific disaster, for example, by writing "Women and Children in Nigeria" in the comment section.

Donations may also be made out to Wider Church Ministries, and mailed to United Church of Christ, Financial Services, 700 Prospect Avenue, Cleveland, OH 44115. Gifts should be marked for International Disaster Relief, and specific disaster, if desired.


To contact us:




North Stonington Congregational Church

P.O. Box 66

89 Main Street

North Stonington, CT 06359


Electronic options:


Phone: 860-535-0379

E-mail to:NoStoUCC@comcast.net


Interfaith Counseling Services


P.O. Box 517, Jewett City, CT 06351

We would like to introduce you the "The Interfaith Counseling and Pastoral Care Services". A consortium of pastoral counselors providing spiritually-oriented therapy in Southeastern Connecticut. Please go to this address -> http://www.interfaithcounseling.net to link to their website and find out more about the services that they have to offer.


Welcome to:

North Stonington Congregational Church








We are an Open and Affirming Church


 Rev. Susan G. Latourette, Pastor 860-535-0379

 Mr. Michael G. Noonan, Director of Music / Organist

 Mrs. Kay Lautzenheiser, Christian Education Coordinator

 Mrs. Rosemary Kuemper, Church Secretary

  Mr. Robert Janda, Sexton

We worship God in Christ Jesus faithfully, engage in Bible study and prayerful contemplation, serve joyfully, and seek justice passionately, with the Holy Spirit as our guide.

We are an Open and Affirming Church: We respect the worth and dignity of all persons who come into our church family regardless of their race, age, gender, nationality, marital standing, economic status, mental or physical challenges, or sexual orientation. We promise to support one another in our personal struggles, to understand and accept differences in one another, and pray to strengthen our love and acceptance.


"Open and Affirming"

  Homemade Meatloaf with escalloped potatoes, vegetable and assorted desserts for your dining pleasure.

Saturday, 5 to 7 p.m. Hewitt Hall.  Invite a friend!   



-Join us for Worship-

Congregational Church of North Stonington

Sunday, September 28th  

10:00 a.m. with Church School and Nursery Care



Moses strikes water from the rock...

With Children:  Hope Burnside offers the children’s sermon and children attend church school. 



From the Scriptures: Philippians 2:1-13.  Paul reminds us to “do nothing from selfish ambition”.  Exodus 17:1-7 Moses enacts yet another miracle – the staff that once brought destruction now brings life. 


Our Message:  “Oasis of Faith”  How do we balance trying to live according to Jesus’ way when on all sides we get bumped and bruised by life.  Can we tell whether God is testing us or bringing us through the trials? 


In Music: 

Prelude:     “Come Unto Jesus” - Rasmussen

Combined Choir Anthem:  “God of Grace and God of Glory” - Costello

Offertory   “Siciliano” - Alcock

Postlude:  “Oh, Be Joyful in the Lord” - Wolford

Hymns are “Sing Praise to God” ; “There’s a Wideness in God’s Mercy”; “Glorious Things of You Are Spoken”. 



Serving in Worship this week:  Monica Eppinger, Stephen Gadaree, Pat Turner, ushers; Lois Turrell, Brian Hager, deacons; Hope Burnside, children’s sermon.


The altar flowers are given to the glory of God by the Lautzenheiser family in honor of Joy’s birthday. 


Light the Steeple.  To honor or remember someone by lighting the steeple you may sign up on the sheet on the wall leading into the sanctuary or contact the church office.


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Church Life and Mission 




Please consider sponsoring a walker or being a CROP walker yourself!  25% of the proceeds from our October 19th walk will benefit hunger needs in our own community!  You can sign up in Hewitt Hall or contact one of our youth.  Our walk is the Gales Ferry CROP Walk 2014. 



Back to School – School Kits. MC900232723[1] If you are shopping for school items, consider adding an item or two for the Church World Service School kits from our church.  For 140 kits, we still need:

spiral notebooks



boxes of crayons (24)

pencil sharpeners

safety scissors

erasers          All items may be dropped off in Hewitt Hall or consider donating $2 to cover cost of shipping One Kit.  Thank You.  


MP900448697[1]Going Apple-Picking? Consider grabbing an extra bag to donate to our very busy pie-makers!  It’s that

season and everyone loves our apple pies!  Apples may be dropped off in the Kitchen.  Thank you! 


Fellowship of Concern - Please Keep In Your Prayers: please keep in your prayers: those serving overseas; all battling cancer; all struggling with financial crisis; for all working to bear the burdens of others; Nick Doroshevich; Nancy Olimpo (Sue Pianka’s sister); Ruth Howard; Bob Kimball; Shawn Murphy; Vinnie, Mary Wilska’s brother; Antoinette Apessos; Rev. Catriona Grant and the Ledyard UCC; Mary Robinson after a hospital visit.



TodayInquirer’s Class for those wanting to learn more about the church and/or church membership. 

Tuesday, 9 AM:  “Chimes” Ringers.

Tuesday, 7 – 8:30 PM:  Senior Choir.

Thursday, 10 AM:  Study Group.

    5:45 – 6:30 PM:  Youth Choir.

         7 – 8:30 PM:   Bell Choir.

Saturday 7:30 – 10 AM:  Habitat for Humanity training, Ledyard                                      

Congregational Church (see flier on table in Hewitt Hall).

Next Sunday, 8:30 AM:  Mission Breakfast.


Coming Events

­October 4th:  Habitat Breakfast, Ledyard Congregational Church.

October 5th:  Youth Mission Benefit Breakfast, 8:30 to 9:30 a.m.

October 6, 7 PM:  Church Council.

October 13th:  Office closed in observance of Columbus Day.         

                   14th, 11:30 AM:  Mission Committee.

             18th, 5 – 7 PM:  Church Dinner.

                                        “Chimes” deadline.











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Bev, Monica, Steve and Brian play Handbell Quartet during Summer Music 07SEP2014


Bob Janda Sings a Solo during Summer Music 31AUG2014


Jennifer & Steve Gadaree Bell Duet during Summer Music 24AUG2014


 Alice Robbins & Mike Noonan Duet Video during Summer Music 10AUG2014


 Carl Chudy Bassoon Solo Video during Summer Music 03AUG2014


Jennifer Gardee Solo Video during Summer Music 20JUL2014


 Andy Wallace Handbell Solo Video during Summer Music 13JUL2014


Latest Sermon Pdf 13JULY2014 "Heritage Lost and Found"(Click Here)


    A Selection of Text and Video Sermons (Click Here)


September "Chimes" Calendar / Newsletter (Click Here)


NSCCByLaws.VersionPa.Review 06JUN2013(Click here)


 The Current Church Bylaws (Click Here)





See Link on left below for the Interfaith Counseling and Pastoral Care Services




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07SEP2014 Bell QuartetBev, Monica, Steve and Brian performed a Bell Quartet, with Mike on the Piano, during NSUCC's Summer Music Program. Bike and Build TrailerWe hosted Bike & Build during their Coastal Drift Ride on Monday July 21st 2014. They did a Bicycle Clinic and stayed the night in the Church. 31AUG2014 Bob Janda Solo Our own Bob Janda sang a solo on August 31st during our summer music program. Bike and Build BikesThe Bicycles take a much needed rest. 29AUG2014_The Gadaree Hand bell DuetSteve and Daughter Jennifer play a handbell duet with Mike Noonan's piano accompaniment, during NSUCC's Summer Music Progam. Bicycle Clinic by Bike and BuildJack Eklund, a Bike and Build rider, makes adjustments to a youth's bicycle during the Bicycle Clinic 10AUG2014_Alice Robbins and Mike Noonan DuetDuring the Summer Music Program at NSUCC, Alice and Mike sing a duet. 20JUL2014_Jennifer Gadaree SoloOur own Jennifer Gadaree sang a solo, "The Lord is my Shephard" during summer music here in North Stonington. 03AUG2014_Carl Chudy, BassonistCarl Chudy from Mystic Congregational Church in Stonington played the Bassoon with Mike on Piano, during our Summer Music Program. Bicycle Clinic by Bike and BuildPaul Dodson, a Bike and Build rider, makes adjustments to a youth's bicycle during the Bicycle Clinic 13JUL2014_Andy Wallace Handbell solosAndy Wallace, from Dunns Corners Comm Church Presbyterian, played two solos during our Sunday Morning Service for our Summer Music Program. Bicycle Clinic by Bike and BuildBicycles are reviewed and adjusted by the Bike and Build riders during the Clinic. 13JUL2014_Andy Wallace soloAndy Wallace, from Dunns Corners Comm Church Presbyterian, played two solos during our Sunday Morning Service for our Summer Music Program. 2014 Confirmation classNSUCC Confirmation Class (Left to Right) Emma, Mack, Jessica and Abi. Emma and Family Mac and Family Jessica and Family Abi and Family Memorial Sunday Planting flowers Memorial Sunday Planting flowers on the grave sites of North Stonington Church's Past Ministers Memorial Sunday planting flowersSteve Plants flowers on the Grave of Rev. Newell Bishop on Memorial Sunday, a Past Minister at North Stonington Congregational Church. 26APR2014 Church Ham Dinner 17APR2014 Tenebrae Service MAEC Choir Festival 2014Our own Youth participate in the MAEC Choir Festival in Mystic MAEC Choir Festival 2014aThe MAEC Choir Festival took place in Mystic on 30MAR2014 at Union Baptist Church. Thankful Dinner 24NOV2013 Hewitt Hall Church from Street SignA View of The Church from Main Street going North. Our own Pastor Sue Latourette srchoir The Shoreline Ringers Jan2014 Concert at NSUCC A Tiffany Window's Detail steeple completed August 4, 2013 our_own_village_ringers HELO Haiti SchoolThe Orphanage Children attend School with uniforms Shoreline Ringers w/MikeMike Plays organ with Bells during Concert JAN2014 Blessing of the Animals Sunday the 6th of October 2013 The Shoreline Ringers w/MikeMike Noonan adds the Clip - Clop and Pete Larson does the Whip and Neighing to "Sleigh Ride" during the JAN2014 Concert The steeple  before-afterThe After and Before of the Steeple's renovation by Valley Restorations The HELO Haiti Mission Angels"HELO Haiti SEP/OCT2012 Mission Team" Rear: Cheryl Remsbecker & Sue Barker; Middle: Ingrid Stock, Sara Kennedy, Elisabeth Kennedy,Shirley Anderson; Front: Kristin Casey and Janet Lewis HELO Haiti School House The HELO Haiti Mission Angels Getting Braided at HELO in Haiti The HELO Haiti ChildrenThe Children of Haiti were taught embroidery The HELO Haiti ChildrenThe HELO Haiti Children played a clapping game Bell Festival 2013Our own Village Ringers along with Mystic Union Baptist members attended the 2013 Bell Festival at University of New Hampshire. Bell Festival 2013The Village Ringers along with Mystic Union Baptist members share the UNH Hockey rink with ~650 other Ringers at the 2013 Bell Festival. The Church's KitchenWhere the famous North Stonington Church Pies are created. One of the Many Church's Tiffany Windows The Church's Hewitt HallUsed for Monthly Dinners, meetings by several town's organizations and Coffee hour!! Organ Pipes adds to the Architecture renovation_72213_pkValley Restoration, Professional Steeplejacks, began Restoration on the Church Monday July 22th Renovation work begins JULY 22, 2013_pkValley Restoration, Professional Steeplejacks, began Restoration on the Church Monday July 22th Renovation work begins JULY 22, 2013_pkValley Restoration, Professional Steeplejacks, began Restoration on the Church Monday July 22th The First Sign of RestorationValley Restoration, Professional Steeplejacks, began Rigging for Restoration on the Church Tuesday July 16th. Work to begin on July 22nd. Steeplejacks arrive on the sceneValley Restoration, Professional Steeplejacks, began Restoration on the Church Monday July 22th Steeplejacks by David Thaxton / slFront and sides of Church is prepared. steeplejacks_sl turkey vulture The RiggingThe Rigging lines are intricately tied just below the Dedicated Weathervane to the memory of Ed Fronzek. The Turkey Vulture looks on. Work continues 04AUG2013 Church's Back is scraped for painting; soon to match Hewitt Hall. Work continues 04AUG2013Front of Church is prepared. Work continues 04AUG2013 Our own Bob Janda sang a solo during Church on August 31st during our Summer Music Program.
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